Narative: The Adventures of Janitor Luiz ( The Goo Monster)

In the story named The Adventures of Janitor Luiz (The Goo Monster), by Ana Carrillo (me, Janitor Luiz has to defeat a big, scary, green, one eyed, fat, gooey, and slimy Goo Monster that was created by a tall, scary, and creepy bully named Freddy. Janitor Luiz’s mission is to do all of that with the help of a smart and talented young boy named Roberto, and a tall, skiny, smart, and beautiful science teacher named Vanessa G. Carter (Miss Carter). This all happened at a strange, anonymous, weird, mysterious, and creepy school in the deep, dark part of space, between Saturn and Jupiter.

It all started when Freddy said,” I don’t understand what we have to do in science so I am just going to do whatever I think is fun.” So Freddy (the bully) combined so many different sorts of chemicals that were all different colors with each during science, that the science lab exploded into tiny little pieces of plaster and it went KABOOM! Everybody totally freaked out and lost their minds, so eventually they started screaming like cazy and yelling, “AAHHHH!” They thought that somebody had set off an exploding bomb in their. Everybody except for Freddy (the bully), Roberto (the helper), Miss Carter (the science teacher), and Luiz (the schools one and apparently the only janitor in space), grabbed their jet-packs and flew off to Mars (to them, the safest planet in space). That huge, enormous and loud explosion caused an ugly creation (the Goo Monster) to life!!! Luckily though, Miss Carter (the science teacher) was there when the Goo Monster came to life, so she saw when it was created. So she was the only one that knew how to destroy it, but she knew that she had a time limit. If Freddy created the Goo Monster at 12 o’ clock PM, and the Goo Monster could only be destroyed 4 hours after he was created, then he would have to be destroyed at 3 o’ clock PM or before that. Miss Carter exclaimed to Janitor Luiz, ” The Goo Monster can only be destroyed by pouring salt on him like a slug, the only problem though is that there is no salt in the whole school.” Janitor Luiz then said, “Now what are we supposed to do?” Then Miss Carter announced,” Do not worry, there are some crystals under the school, on the cold, rough, cement below. Janitor Luiz, if you get the crystals and give them directly to me, then I will be to turn the crystals into salt.”

Janitor Luiz had a little trouble understanding Miss Carter so Roberto told Janitor Luiz the directions nice, slow, easy, and understandable for him. So then Janitor Luiz told ALL of the kids and especially Miss Carter,”I will do whatever takes to save this school no matter what happens!” Janitor Luiz went under the school and luckily he had no trouble at all breathing. Then he found the shiny crystals stuck to green mint flavored gum under the large school on the dirty, gum filled cement. When Janitor Luiz found all of that dirt and gum he said,” I know what I’m going to do tomorrow.”Then he gave a short but load chuckle. When Janitor Luiz got back into the school he found a lot of problems. Freddy was in the Goo Monsters mouth, Roberto was tugging on Freddy, and Miss Carter was puling on Roberto’s waist but Freddy just wouldn’t come out. So Janitor Luiz gave Miss Carter all of the crystals that he was able to get. When Miss Carter had finished making the salt she gave it to Janitor Luiz in a large triangle shaped test tube, but Janitor Luiz was not tall enough to poor the salt on top of the Goo Monsters head so Miss Carter told Janitor Luiz,” Get on top of the gray, hollow vent that was right above the Goo Monsters head.” Then when he was up there he poured the white, little grains of salt on top of the Goo Monsters head and they all expected for the Goo Monster to melt but he did not!!! The only good thing that happened was that Freddy came out of the Goo Monsters mouth. So Roberto put his space pack on really fast, went under the school, got some crystals, and threw them on the Goo Monsters stomach and it actually worked because the Goo Monster melted and died right away. Luckily Roberto did it at the exact right moment because the Goo Monster was heading right for Miss Carter! He was going to try to shuve her down his throught, swallow her, and eat her. If he did that then there was no going back for Miss Carter anymore and they would all blame it on Freddy but luckily the group stopped anything bad from happening.

The Time My Dog Left

To this day, I still remember the day that I lost my dog. I remember that I felt very depressed and I cried for a lot of days and every single time that somebody would bring up my dogs name (Buddy) I Would feel a sharp burn in my heart. I would always blame myself for him leaving because we had to give him away because I had really bad allergies that would always come up whenever I would get really close to him, so my parents told me that it was either my health or my dog and I had to choose my health even though I did not want to loose my dog.
I would think, “If it wasn’t for me and my allergies my dog would still be with me at this very moment.’’
I would also think, ‘’Why is it that when I finally get a dog of my own, my allergies show up?’’
I would get really mad at myself at times and I would say,’’There must of have been a reason for me having allergies and my dog having to leave.’’ so whenever I said that I would stop getting so mad at myself and it truly was not my fault. I would also feel bad about seperating us because I could tell that he really loved me just like I love him. He would only let me take care of him because he did not trust anybody else (I would feed him ,clean after him, play with him, and I would also make sure that he was clean).He would not even let my own brother touch him, unless I was standing right there watching. I still remember that when me and my brother would come home from school and my mother would let my dog out from behind the gate, he would run to me first every time.
He would express his love to me every and I would do the same to him. I would take good care of him, play with him, make sure that he was not dehidrating, make sure that he was healthy, etc. I would always hug him, every single day with so much love and affection. I recall feeling a warmfeeling roming around my body whenever I hugged him and I would feel him, and he would stay calm and he would let me hug him unlike he did with other people.
I loved (love) him so much and I would cry whenever I felt that he was in danger. For example, one time I was at my uncle and aunts house, and my dog was all alone. Suddenly there was a big earthquake, and the first thing that would pop into my head would be my dog, so I started panicing and crying like crazy until my parents helped me calm down and I did. Eventually, when we finally arrived home, my dog was okay, but a lot of my stuff had fallen down and broken, but luckily nothing landed on my dog.
So, when my dog actually left and he was not with me anymore, that really hurt me deeply and he he was (is) a big part in my life. Most of the time I would blame myself for a long time for supposedly ending my relationship with my dog, but that was not true because I still get to see him whenever I want, but I just do not get to see him as often as I used to when he was with me.
So I do not blame myself for my dog leaving and me and him separating because it was not really my fault and I still get to see him whenever I want but not as constantly as I used to. Though, I still feel like I need to be with him at all times, but I now limit myself at how many times I am going to see him each week. I now see see him two (2) times each week and I still feel like it is not enough but I learned to deal with it. If you think about it, my relationship with my dog is not so far apart because my dog now lives with my uncle and he lets me spend as much time with my dog as I want, so yes, I do you make a big deal about him leaving at times (a lot of times). So at times I really do regret having allergies against my dog, but not as much as I did when I first got separated from him but it is okay.

My Everyday Heroes We Know Project

My Everyday Heroes person is my mom, Jaris C. Jaris had an interesting background. She was middle class when it came to economics. Her house was burned down when she was only five years old. So, she lived in a hotel with her four sisters and her family, she was the youngest out of five. Luckily, a place called The Red Cross helped her and her family. The Red Cross helps people in need, and when Jaris’ house burned down, she was in the poverty line with her family. So, fortunatly the Red Cross found a place for Jaris and her family to live. Though, unfortunaty Jaris had to live in Lennox Which was not such a good neighborhood. There were gangs all around, there were shootings, dead people, and eventually Jaris’ house got robbed. Luckily, Jaris’ school found out about how poverty had struck Jaris and her family. So, thme school helped them out and send money, gifts, and food to eat. They would also give them shoes, clothes, books, backpacks, other accessories, etc. Later on, at the age of twenty Jaris got schizophrenia- a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder that has affected people throughout history. People with this disorder may hear voices and other people do not. They may believe that other people are reading their minds, controlling their thoughts, or plotting to harm them. Jaris did not know that she had schizophrenia though. She could not eat solid foods for eight years. She thought that she would choke and that the food had poison in it. She could not sleep and she stayed alone in dark r0oms many times. Jaris went to many doctors, but nobody knew what she had. Then after research, she found out that she had schizophrenia. Though God saved Jaris from having to literally wash dishes over fifty times, from feeling depressed, sad, lonely, and very frightened. Now Jaris does not have schizophrenia and she is saved and free. Unfortunatly, people are still stuck with this terrible, and horrible mental illness, but Jaris was very lucky because people with this mental illness commit suicide and have died. So, Jaris went to Everest College and graduated out with honors and is now applying at hospitals to work as a pharmacy technician.m It is funny because Jaris uses so many needles when she is working and before, when Jaris had schizophrenia, she could not even bare to be in a room with needles, knives, not even pens because she was afraid of killing her own self, but not anymore and Jaris now eats normally. Now even though Jaris went through so many hardships, she never gave up and that is why I chose her as my hero. So yes, Jaris, my mom is a miracle from God and nobody can change that.

The difficulties that this person, Jaris, faced were very troubling. They were so troubling that they caused Jaris to actually think of giving up, quiting, and to stop trying to accomplish her goal. Jaris’ goal was to go to college, complete it (graduate), and go and get a good job that would pay her fairly so that she could help my dad support and keep up a family of four, me, my little brother, my mom, and my dad.One difficulty that Jaris had to face was that she had to try to go back to her study habits and she could not really remember them. It was really hard for her because she went back to school when she was twenty-nine years old and she stopped going to school when she was nineteen years old, so she couldn’t really remember things that she did ten years ago. Anaother difficulty that Jaris faced was that she couldn’t really find (have) time to study and do, complete her homework because she had to clean the house, cook dinner,m drop off me and my little brother at school, and she had to make us ( me, my little brother, my dad, and herself) breakfast.Though, luckily my dad would always do his beast to try to help her with the cooking as soon as he came from work, and I would also help her clean, cook, and help her study and help her do her homework as soon as I was done with mine. Though my mother,  Jaris, found some time to finish, complete her homework and she also found time to study. So, throughout her whole entire year at Everest College, she never, ever missed one homework assignment. Another difficulty that my mother, Jaris, had was that she did not have such an easy time memorizing all of the different medicines, the generics, the brands, names, and the rx’s. She could not really remember which generic went with which brand and there were soooooooo many brands and generics to remember. There were siriously more than 500 different types of different names of brands and generics that she had to memorize in total. Though, the worst part was that she had a different test on all of the different names and types of generics and brands every single week and every single one of those tests counted towards Jaris’ GPA (grade point average), so she really had to work hard. So, those were some of Jaris’ hardest difficulties that she had to face.

Some of the steps that this person, my mom (Jaris) took, were sort of hard for her to do. One of the most important steps that Jaris took to accomplish and complete her goal was applying to go to Everest College. First of all, she was not so sure if she should apply and she did not think that she was ready for it, (ready to go back to school), and she did not think that she could make it. Second of all, Jaris and her family were still not doing so well when it came to economics. So, eventually, Jaris, with the help of her husband, my dad, paid and received a letter that said,” You are eligable to attend Everest College.” So, my mom, Jaris, was so excited and from then on she attended Everest College. Another step that Jaris took in order to accomplish and complete her goal was that she tried hard and never ever gave up even though at times she really did want to just give up and quite. My mom wanted to give up and quite at times because it was really, really, really, hard for her to memorize so many tthings at the same time, but she did it. So, she went to college, graduated, and completed her goal and both Jaris and I are very proud.

Theses are, but only some accomplishments and goals that my mother, Jaris accomplished. Jaris accomplished her life time goal of going to college. Jaris went to Everest college. Jaris gladly came out of Everest College as a graduate. Jaris received (2) two long and silver honor robes. She came out as an honor graduate student witha 4.0 grade point average (GPA). Jaris was very, very, very proud, and in the picture you can see the very wide smile that Jaris had at her college graduation. In the picture you can see Jaris posing for a picture of her and the president of Everest College handing Jaris her college diploma. So, now Jaris is happily applying at many different hospitals to be and work as a pharmacy technician and many hospitals are already thinking of accepting her. It is so hard to choose. So very, very, very soon. Jaris will work at a hospital as a professional pharmacy technician and she completed that goal with her confidence in herself and with the mighty help of the Lord.

Guatemalan People


“Guatemalans, what? Who are they? Hmmmmmm…What do they act like, look like and what do they do?” You might question what they eat, what are their customs, what they dress like, and how they get to places, am I right, or am I wrong? That’s what I question so I guess that at one point in your life, you would question the same thing too. Guatemalans, they make miscellaneous types of food, they have unique customs, their taste in clothing is inimitable, and they succour the earth in a certain way. Guatemalans were discovered by  Hispanics, a Hispanic, Christopher Columbus. Guatemala is in North America, right below Mexico, on the left side of Belize and Honduras, above El Salvador.

What Guatemalans Eat

Guatemalans eat many different types of food, but just because they are different, it does not mean that they’re food is not good. Guatemalans have very good taste in food because I have tried some types of food from there and it is DELICIOUS. These are some common types of foods that Guatemalans eat. Guatemalan people drink something delicious called Atol (a type of warm drink made of milk and cinnamon), they drink Licuados (a sort of shake made out of fresh fruit and milk), they eat Hilaches (shredded beef in thick tomato sauce that is made out of potatoes and carrots), it is usually served with rice. Guatemalans also eat Kak’ik (a thick and spicy turkey stew), they eat a lot of tortillas, corn and frijoles (beans), (“Minster, Christopher”), they eat Jacon (chicken in green tomato sauce), they also eat Subanik (beef, pork, or chicken cooked in sauce), they eat meat that is usually drowned in some sort of sauce, they drink plenty of coffee, and they also make really good guacamole (“Aventouras”). Guatemalans are known for eating this “tamales” (are made out of masa -dough), tamales can have meat, nuts, or fruit inside of them,Guatemalans also eat rice, potatoes, enchiladas, and quesadillas (cheese in a tortilla). Those are only some of the things that Guatemalan people eat.
Guatemalan food
Guatemalan Customs

Guatemalans have many different and unique customs. Some of their customs are celebrated in the U.S.A. too. One custom that Guatemalans celebrate is called “Saints Day” on November 1st. Saints Day is a day to honor the saints.Another custom that Guatemalans celebrate are eating tamales on Christmas, it is a tradition. The most likely religion in Guatemala is Protestant Pentecostalism. Another custom that I know that is celebrated in Guatemala is “The Day of the Dead.” The Day of the Dead is celebrated by people dressing up like skeletons and coming out in a huge parade that many Guatemalan and Mayan people enjoy watching (“Culture of Guatemala”).

Guatemalan Clothing

Guatemalan clothing is a little bit different from our clothing here because their clothing have brighter colors than our clothing. These are some Spanish names of clothing that Guatemalans wear. Guatemalans wear something called a Huipil (a blouse), they wear Cinta’s (head scarf ‘s), they wear Cortes (skirt ‘s). Guatemalan men and women are both most likely to wear a Faja (a belt are a slash), Guatemalans also wear Tzotes (utility clothes), they wear Rebozos or Parrajes (shawls), and they wear Trajes which are dresses. As you can see Guatemalans wear what people in the U.S.A. wear, it is just that their clothes is made in different style and they wear different colors that we wear (“Persson, Lynn”).

Guatemalan Transportation Sources

The economy in Guatemala is not so good, so not many people from Guatemala can afford cars. So, most people from Guatemala use buses or they just walk to get around places. There are many streets,roads, and highways that Guatemalans walk on. Guatemalans are very smart because this is what they do, they make their roads straight and narrow to fasten up traffic. Guatemalan people ride on public buses and they recycle chicken buses and use them as school buses. Guatemalans use a type of bout called a Ferry boat to get across large bodies of water and the Ferry boats are very usefull because there are many large bodies of water in Guatemala.


All in all, Guatemalans live such a contrastive life compared to the lives that we live, but there is nothing wrong with being different. As a matter of fact, Guatemalans are actually much more hard working than the people in the United States are and they are very smart. Guatemalans help the planet a whole lot more than the people here do, so as you can see the economics situation is bad, but it is not so bad to if you do not have things the way that you plan them to be. So, as you can see, Guatemalans make wonderful types of food, they have amazing customs, their taste in clothes is alike to the clothes in the U.S.A., and they make smart transportation sources and decisions. Hopefully, you learned more about Guatemalans than what you already knew, witch I know was not as much as what you read.


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